What We Do



  We have a team of experts that have mastered techniques in the areas of powder milling, tea bag cut milling and cut and sift milling.
 At Finesse Mills we work with herbs from all over the world and daily process organic and fair trade ingredients.
 The milling process will allow you to achieve the target size of your ingredient.  At this point measurments of bulk density, moisture level and visually desireable form can be determimed.

Blending Services

 Consistency & uniformity of a blend is of paramount importance to us here at Finesse Mills.
 Finesse Mills, offers a wide variety of blending capabilities for its customers from powder blends, tea bag blends, cut and sift blends to specialized blends.  Different types of blends offer different types of challenges.  Blending is truly and art.
 Here are a few important things that need to be considered when blending your product. One thing is the type of filling equipment that you will be using to pack your product in. Also careful consideration should  be given to evaluate the infusibility of your mixture or the dissolveability of your mixture. All these things can be dialed into the process.
 Our innovative techniques in blending allow you to optimize your cut sizes and the distribution of your ingredients.


 Many ingredients can only be properly used if particles of inappropriate sizes are separated from the overall array of its particle sizes.  Sifting can eliminate powders or eliminate large undesirable particles.  Sifting is performed many times in conjunction with milling.  It is also a way of cleaning out undesirable ingredients.
 Finesse Mills offers Additional Custom Services such as demetalizing ferrous metals, separating long fibers from granular particles and sizing materials on a custom basis.


Organic Heat Treatment

   We have designed an organic heat treatment process for our customers that have ingredients that require microbial reduction.  This process has saved thousands of dollars of potentially lost product for our customers.
 Our organic process gently allows one to apply a controlled microbial reduction so as to maximise and protect the nutritive or flavor integrity of the ingredients or blend.
 It is our objective to enhance food safety and continue to use valuable ingredients while maintaining the vital life force found in freshly cultivated botanicals.



 Pelletizing / Granulating Process

 Finesse Mills has developed innovative and unique organic or non-organic granulating processes that saves you money for your valuable ingredients.
   We offer a variety of types of pelletized granulation processes.
  Our single ingredient process reduces powder waste and cost of your valuable ingredients.  Ingredients once disposed of after milling can now be recaptured and retained for use in your products. These particles can retain 100% organic status.
 Our multi – ingredient combination process such as tea blend powders or a custom granule, can be a combination blend of ingredients and designed to allow one to create unique flavors.  This can be specially beneficial for hard to work with ingredients that are run on various types of filling equipment.
  Our Specialty Custom pelletizing process has been designed for our  customers who utilize extracts and non traditional ingredients like fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, minerals or vitamin combinations.  This process allows for your product to reach a high level of complexity. At the same time engineered into an easy to work with form for various packaging requirements.


 There are certain ingredients that require roasting.  From Dandelion Root to Genmaicha Rice.
With our expertise in roasting we can set the standard for your materials.  We will roast according to our customers own roasting standards as well.   Many times this is a process that requires experimental design to reach the procedure.
 There are many ingredients that can be roasted that are yet to be utilized in the industry. This creates new opportunities for innovation in both flavor and efficacy.herbs and spices

Contract Packaging

 At Finesse Mills we have worked hard to be a partner in the achievement and development of multiple product lines for our customers.
 We have had the privilege in helping many companies reach their packaging goals.  We can help assist our customers with their packaging needs.  From the very beginning of their conceptual stages to the designing of prototypes, test runs, all the way through their first production phase and beyond.
  Finesse Mills packaging services include but are not limited to tea-bagging, loose bagging, bulk filling, jar filling, and other custom packs.
 It is our custom at Finesse Mills to be on our client’s team.  Finesse Mills can coordinate with other suppliers and co-packers on behalf of our clients to facilitate their production needs and sales requirements.
With all our customers we standardize the components of your products and production requirements.  We develop procedures to uniformly convert your natural raw ingredients into consistently packed products ready for the retail market.