What We Offer


We Promise


Our promise is to work with your company in a transparent manner, coordinating with your team to reach precise goals for the herbs, spices and teas used as inputs in your companys’ products.
Our capability is to be able to work with materials in many forms – whether directly from a farm or already in a blend, wet or dry to convert them into required shapes and sizes so that they can be packaged efficiently by the production equipment designated for their final container.

1394330_c19784ff9c We’re Confident

  Our company abides by strict CCOF guidelines and earns our client’s trust by following Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Laws.
   We have learned from years of experience and working with diverse organizations that we must link with your people to make the chain of production world class.
   Whether you have herbs, spices to be milled to tea bag cut, blended, sifted, prepared for bottling, heat treated, packaged, or have complex Chinese Medicinal blends that need to be milled for tableting – Finesse Mills is the company for you.